Bodies of Pleasure: About Consent



Jarkko Partanen, Camilla Rantanen

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It’s good to practice some dialogue, empathy, and consent. It is also important to find some pleasure in your life. In the workshops we are going to ask ourselves what would bring me pleasure and practice articulating it to others.

During the workshop we will be working with different kinds of bodily encounters. All the encounters need negotiation, both verbal and non-verbal. We will negotiate on wishes, boundaries, bodily limits, and desires. There are no special prior skills or experiences needed to take part, just curiosity. The workshop can also work as a good warm up for the one-on-one performances in the Bodies of Pleasure program.

Jarkko Partanen (he/him) is Helsinki based choreographer and curator. He is a member of the  W A U H A U S - arts collective. He has been working between different genres of art and varying contexts ranging from small black box theatres to urban sites, large stadiums, and the main stages of established theatre houses. Partanen is one of the founders of Wonderlust, a festival of conscious and diverse sexuality. In the context of the festival his work has turned towards more sexpositive practises and to the questions of desire and consent. Currently he is also studying in the PRAXIS masters program in curating and exhibition studies at the University of the Arts / Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki.  

Camilla Rantanen (she/her) is  a dramaturg, script writer, performance artist and sex worker. After graduating from the University of the Arts she has worked mainly with stage and audio. The values that pervade all her work are playfulness, transparency, consent, and an ethical relationship with her audience and co-workers.

The workshop is followed by Jan Loukas’ performance. Meditation on expectation.

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