27 SEP

Bourgeois With a Heart: The Class Suicide of Hjalmar Linder.

Book launch

Minna Henriksson, Rab-Rab Press, Ulla-Maija Peltonen, Helen Korpak

Museum of Impossible Forms warmly welcomes you to the launch of “Bourgeois With a Heart: The Class Suicide of Hjalmar Linder”. The book presents the first English translation of Hjalmar Linder’s controversial text “Enough with the bloodbaths!” published in Hufvudstadsbladet on 28 May 1918, along with additional literature from the period, a glossary of terms and historical documents that resuscitate this forgotten historical moment of class confrontation, a forward and paper cut illustrations by Minna Henriksson and an afterword by Helen Korpak.Minna Henriksson, Ulla-Maija Peltonen, and Helen Korpak will introduce the book and contextualise this historical moment, bringing to the fore the need for solidarity and class consciousness in the political present of Finland.Warmly welcome!Minna Henriksson is a visual artist based in Helsinki working with a range of mediums including artist books. She has made an installation on Hjalmar Linder in exhibition Objection! at the Helsinki City Museum, 2019.Ulla-Maija Peltonen's academic background is in research on the 1918 Finnish civil war in oral and written narrative, and she holds a docentship in folkloristics at the University of Helsinki’s Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies. Her research centers on remembering and forgetting, the private and public narratives of prison camp experience, methodological issues of oral history, and archival thinking.Helen Korpak is an art worker based in Helsinki. She writes art criticism for Hufvudstadsbladet and Kunstkritikk, among others. She also creates photobooks and is a member of the Kosminen collective, which ran a gallery by the same name in Helsinki 2016-22.Rab-Rab Press is an independent publishing platform based in Helsinki. It publishes Rab-Rab: journal of political and formal inquiries in art and books combining experimental art and leftist politics with scholarly rigour and punk attitude. Initiated in 2014, Rab-Rab Press is run by Sezgin Boynik. https://www.rabrab.net/

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