Launching of The Publication “Enfleshed”—Ecologies of Entities and Beings

Screening, Concert, Dinner, Publication Launch

Cooking Disorders & Comrades (Kristiina Koskentola & co), Kohta Kunsthalle

Museum of Impossible Forms in collaboration with Kohta Kunsthalle celebrate the launching of the publication

Internal alchemy; Siberian perspectivism; Anti-Cartesianism; Shamanisms; Quantum Theory;
Ecofeminism; Electromagnetism; Cosmologies; Environmentalism; Mumming; Decoloniality; Feminist Sci-Fi; Poetry-as-Theory; Mythologies; and more.

The launch will take place at Kohta on FRI 26.5.2023 from 18:00-20:00

🗓 On SUN 28.5.2023 from 17:00 - 20:00
We will gather at MIF for an evening of Uralic tunes, Siberian stories and wisdom, fumes of spices and nutrition.


Screening: Before the Snow (27’ 25) by Christian Vagt.
The film portrays three Indigenous storytellers from Western Siberia who in different ways share their stories, experiences, and messages. They make it possible for an outsider’s public to explore their culture and region through stories of the dead and of ghosts, a fairy-tale, and warnings to respect the customs. The film was produced on a minimal budget but with ample support of the storytellers themselves. Stories were chosen by them on the request to tell something about the way Indigenous people deal with ghosts and the dead.

Concert by multi-instrumentalist G.Popov aka OMFO who will bring sounds from the Ural mountain ranges

Dinner composed of various dishes across Eurasia by Cooking Disorders & Comrades (Kristiina Koskentola & co).

Milk tea in Manchurian and Mongolian style will be served throughout the event.

The event is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

ENFLESHED-ECOLOGIES OF ENTITIES AND BEINGS has contributions from Zoénie Deng, Rick Dolphijn, Stephan Dudeck & Christian Vagt & Yuri Vella, Taru Elfving, Giovanna Esposito Yussif & David Muñoz Alcántara (NÆS-Nomad Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies), Fu Xiaodong, Han Xiaohan, Kristiina Koskentola,Marjolein van der Loo, Mi You, German Popov, Nikolay Smirnov, Bo Wang, and Müge Yilmaz.

Edited by Kristiina Koskentola and Marjolein van der Loo.
The publication is generously funded by Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Elisabeth Vermaat Müller Fonds, Globus Opstart, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.
Designed by Yannick Nuss
Published by Onomatopee (April 2023)

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