SAT 29, SUN 30 OCT

Bodies of Pleasure: Submission



Olga Spyropoulou, Julius Elo

with Olga Spyropoulou & Julius Elo (sign up via

Have you ever fantasized of surrendering?
Submission is a participatory, one-on-one performance on power exchange. In the performance, you will receive permission to let go of control and experience pleasure in playing out your fantasy of obeying, giving service, getting rewarded or punished.

The performance includes an interview and a one-hour training session. Each experience is customized to each participant depending on their interests, wishes and limits.

The interviews are held on Thursday during the opening of the event. The training sessions will take place on Saturday and Sunday evenings on the second week of the platform.

Olga Spyropoulou (she/her) is a Helsinki-based performance artist and writer. In her work, she experiments with various modalities of spect-actorship and non-hierarchical methodologies. She is interested in how we relate to one another in different contexts. Her artistic research revolves around legal contracts as performance scores, with respect to both private and public commitment.  ‍

Julius Elo (they/them) is a performance artist and artistic director of Reality Research Center. They work with sexuality, nudity and bodily techniques creating performance concepts and participatory performances where the audience is set at the core of the piece in different ways. Elo has worked over 10 years in the field of sexpositivity in Helsinki and Berlin. Elo is one of the founders of the Wonderlust-festival and Helsinki Shibari Collective.

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