The Comread Club

Reading Club

Minna Henriksson, Karolina Kucia

The Comread Club
First session on Monday August 28
18:00 - 20:00

📖A new independently organized reading circle will start with the aim to study radical leftist histories and theories in order to better understand the trajectories of the international movement and its ideas. One of the tasks for the reading circle is to learn about difficult moments in the history of the Left, and to do that from within, moving forward collectively.

The reading circle begins with a close study of two books by Bini Adamczak:
Communism for Kids, The MIT Press, 2004. 112 pp
Yesterday’s Tomorrow: On the Loneliness of Communist Specters and the Reconstruction of the Future, The MIT Press, 2021. 184 pp

🗓The reading circle meets physically at the Museum of Impossible Forms. The first session is on Monday 28.08.2023, 18:00-20:00 and from then on the same day every three weeks (following meetings: 18.09. / 9.10. / 30.10. / 20.11. / 11.12. 2023).

The group is facilitated by artists Minna Henriksson and Karolina Kucia.

The language of the reading circle is English.

Please send a message to, and we will respond to you with the first text.

Warmly welcome!

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