Writing in Plural—Experimental Writing Workshop + Gathering

Workshop, Gathering


Titanik: Anna Tahkola, Antti-Juhani Manninen

Warmly welcome to Writing in plural - an experimental writing workshop + gathering. The event is part of Arte's and Museum of Impossible Forms' reciprocal programme. The workshop is based on body-related working. The exercises deal with the posthumanist body and the empathic experience of inhuman matter. The workshop is suitable for artists from different fields of art, as well as for anyone interested in experimental writing practices.‍

After the workshop we can continue hanging around with some snacks and talks and a performance piece. Mumblecore (Minsk/Paris 2019) is a solo piece for one performer, a microphone and a video projector. It serves as one example of the results of Titanik's project for experimental writing.‍

Both the workshop and the performance are in English.‍

About the artists:‍

Anna Tahkola is an artist working in fields of visual art, writing and performing arts. She examines teaching in art as creative co-thinking and co-working process. She is an active member of Arte and the chair of Arte board.‍

Antti-Juhani Manninen is a multi-disciplinary artist, working mainly with sound and live performance. His work investigates possibilities of performing, the use of text in performance, questions of dissociation and alienation, care, empathy and sensuality, some cake, and a variety of neoprene shorts.‍

Arte is an artists’ association founded in 1960 by Turku based visual artists. The association runs the oldest contemporary art space of the city, Titanik, which was founded in 1988. Ten years later Arte established an international artist residency, which has focused specifically on sound art since 2013.

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